What Makes a Good Public Speaker?

Topic: What makes a good public speaker?


 (Linkedin 2016)

Public speaking is when a person or group of people deliver a speech or performance in front of an audience to give a message or to get a point across (Study.com 2016). To be a good public speaker the person/s delivering the speech must be able to include other elements in the speech other than just words and knowledge (Moore 2015). For example, some of the main components to what make a good public speaker consist of are:

  • The delivery (Moore 2015);
  • Non-verbal communication (Moore 2015)
  • Interaction with the audience (Moore 2015).

The Delivery


(Casey 2012)

According to the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (2010) pace, pitch and power are the three components that contribute to a professional delivery. For a speaker to have a good pace they need to pause so the audience can digest the key points (American Society of Health System Pharmacists 2010). Effective pitch and power is when the speaker raises and lowers the tone and volume of their voices to accommodate for the changes in topic or to surprise the audience so that they stayed intrigued (Executive Communications Group 2004).

Non-verbal communication


(Cultures&People 2014)

Ethos (2016) suggests ‘60% of all human communication is nonverbal body language and 30% is tone. So that means that 90% of what is being said isn’t coming out of the mouth’. Eye-contact, facial expression, gestures and postures are all examples of non-verbal communication that can be used when speaking (Ethos 2016). Deepika (2015, p. 45) indicates that all non-verbal communication when used properly can lead to a more captivated audience that is more trusting and willing to listen.

Interaction with Audience


(Acsundergrad 2013)

When interacting with the audience the speaker usually asks questions and listens to the audience’s responses (Boundless, 2015). This is also known as verbal communication and non-verbal communication, through the use of eye contact, hand signals, etc. (Boundless, 2015).

My 2 minute audio recording:



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